Mr. Vegas

From "Heads High" (1998) to "Bruk It Down" (2012), Mr Vegas has assembled an unshakable string of international classic reggae and dancehall releases including Billboard hits over the past three decades of his career. Always looking forward, Mr Vegas is also synonymous with the success of the new social media generation amassing copious amounts of friends and followers across Twitter and Facebook. Leading the way into 2013 with solid spins on mainstream radio throughout the US and a remix package penetrating the dance market, is no doubt that "Bruk It Down" will be this Spring's cross over dancehall anthem, while Mr Vegas' smash single "Party Tun Up" is bubbling in the dance. Mr Vegas continues to hit stages to sold out crowds worldwide, doing his part, taking the message about reggae and dancehall straight to the people worldwide, from New York to Paris, from California to St Maarten.