The Grouch & Eligh

The Grouch and Eligh are an underground hip-hop collective consisting of Corey “The Grouch” Scoffern and Eligh Nachowitz who are both members of the internationally infamous rap crew, The Living Legends. The Grouch and Eligh have been at the forefront of the west coast's independent rap movement for over a decade. With their tight knit chemistry and impeccable interaction, The Grouch and Eligh are considered to be one of hip-hop’s most appreciated duos. Humbly beginning on a 4-track recorder nearly 15 years ago, The Grouch has steadily grown into one of the prominent figures within the independent hip-hop scene and is known for captivating his listeners with his down to earth and truthfully poignant raps and production. Eligh has maintained his respected status by fearlessly veering from the traditional trajectory and has instead chosen to fabricate projects that incorporate the gritty sounds of the UK dub scene, the unorthodox styling of indie rock, the lush guitars and honesty of folk music, and the complexity of jazz, all without losing the listener in a musically esoteric composition. The Grouch and Eligh have announced that they will be joining the Kickin’ Up Dust tour along with Slightly Stoopid and Atmosphere this summer.